and shipping policy

Please keep the proof of delivery receipt signed/confirmed by the registered customer.
Must mention the process of how the customer will receive the payment confirmation (ex; by email or SMS or mail) and the time the payment confirmation will reach the customer Website/Mobile App Requirements | 5 Process of shipping the items/goods conditions.
Delivery fees or Free Delivery.
Delivery time to local/ International.

The term of this Contract may be extended as follows:
  • If Smash temporarily closes for thirty (30) days or less, the term shall be extended for the number of days equal to the number of days that the facility was closed (excluding holidays and any other days the facility is normally closed), at no additional cost to you.
  • You may extend the term of this Contract, at no additional cost to you, for the number of days equal to the days comprising the duration of my disability, if your disability precludes me from using one-third (1/3) or more of the Club’s facilities for a period of less than six (6) months and that disability is verified by a physician. I must give timely notice to Smash of my request to so extend.

Confirmation Services

There will be no reimbursements for any reason on 1 month membership, padel tennis membership or group classes membership.
However, you may choose to freeze your membership for a required period of time (maximum 30 days) no more than once (free of charge).

Note: We have a 24 hour cancellation policy.
  • If you are a Prepaid Member, we will make a refund of the remaining Membership Fee minus 2 months.
    Example, if cancellation happens after 6 months, we are refunding the remaining 4 months
  • If you are a Monthly Charged Member or a Monthly Credit Card Charged Member, you will remain liable to us for another the two (2) month Membership Fee, even if you have cancelled any payments.
You (or your legal representative) may cancel this Contract without penalty in accordance with the following:

If you become permanently disabled. A permanent disability means a condition which precludes you from using one third (1/3) or more of the Club’s facilities for six (6) months or more, and the condition is verified by a physician. Upon cancellation, Smash shall refund you the remaining contract price of your membership (Prepaid annual membership). Direct debit membership will be cancelled immediately. Smash may require you, at its expense, to undertake an examination by a physician mutually agreed upon, to verify your disability, and you hereby consent to such examination.