Our indoor and outdoor work out areas are spacious so you can fully enjoy your workout,
whether you’re working out on your own, or want help from our qualified PTs


Buy the right package for your needs and book your gym or class session online



(Excludes padel tennis and classes)

  • 1 MonthAED 520
  • Year (paid monthly)AED 446
  • 1 Year (upfront payment)AED 4820

Fitness Classes

(Excludes gym and padel tennis)

Non – Members

(Do not have active gym membership)
  • 1x ClassAED 120
  • 10x ClassesAED 990

Kids Class Packages

(Excludes gym and padel tennis)

  • 1x ClassAED 120
  • 10x ClassesAED 990
Let's see

Fitness Classes Schedule

Our clients will be able to see our schedule through MindBody system (they will able to download the app and book though the class).
As we are testing out our schedule, at the moment I am just running it monthly (evening 9pm classes only till Ramadan).
Therefore my suggestion is to put the class description on the website for now.


Open for all levels and for anyone who wants to breakthrough. An energetic, uplifting class focusing on strength and metabolic conditioning for the whole body to take your fitness on the next level.  Class takes place OUTSIDE
Mandatory: Small towel, fitness mat

Kids Padel

Not only adults have fun by playing PADEL, but also kids get excited and …. no matter at what age. The simplicity of this sport makes it extremely attractive for everyone. The main focus and driver is the MOTIVATION and the FUN FACTOR of this trend sport.

PADEL helps kids on ..

The physical development
Improves coordination
The development of psychomotor skills
The reflexes
The muscles
the endurance
the flexibility
the resilience
the mobility
From the psychological point of view, kids are benefiting from the simplicity of this sport on developing

Self – confidence and


Class is designed around systematic mat and equipment based exercises. Each class is tailored to improve your posture, core strength, flexibility, muscle tone/contouring and body awareness. This is done by focusing on core stability, including pelvic and shoulder girdle stabilization, neutral alignment and patterned breathing. Pilates mat classes aid in restoring the natural curves of the spine, relieving tension and enhancing self-confidence.